Kimberly James Customized Marketing Techniques
Our Marketing plan is customized to your property and your circumstance when you go to sell your house. We use real estate strategy and real estate psychology for the current market trends. This is important from every detail of the listing. We strategize even before the listing hits the market with pre-marketing online tools. We hire a professional photographer to get the best photos, aerial photography, and 3D tours if needed. It is all about presentation and we focus on every detail from the order of how the photos are presented online, the flyer marketing, and every last keyword for the description.

Project Management
We provide a Project Management/Concierge Service. If you would like to do an updates and fixes we can handle this for you by getting bids, overseeing the work, and making sure everything is done as discussed. We will get multiple bids and you always have the final say on what you would like done, but we will do the leg work in meeting the vendors at the property and facilitating the process. This is to make the process as stress free as possible for you.

Here are links from Realtor Magazine and Inman News where we have been featured on our revolutionary techniques:

Kimberly James Premier Full Home Staging

  • We offer FREE staging for your home. We have a huge inventory of items with multiple different themes and looks from country rustic to contemporary and modern. Staging makes such a difference in the time it takes to sell your home and also the final sales price. We put a lot of thought into staging the home to match the demographic of the buyer coming to look at your home. Staging at a minimum can bring an extra $20,000 dollars in your pocket at no cost to you. We have staging all our listings and all our listings have received multiple offers and over asking prices. 
  • We market the property through all avenues: online, newspaper, agent meetings, word of mouth, just listed flyers. With the combinations of all these items it creates the most amount of market exposure. We can also do a 3D virtual this way clients can walk through the house and see the layout the feel of the house online and again and bring more exposure. 
  • We use social media, online marketing, and real estate platforms to get your home the most amount of market exposure. We also tie in our Coming Soon Campaign with posting a coming soon listing on Zillow. We also post and give coming soon details about the property without fully releasing the property. This creates the buzz and reaches out to our real estate network to get the word out about the property. 
  • We advertise the property on the MLS that reaches all agents in Sonoma County and surrounding counties. This is key as it reaches not only agents but their direct buyers. 
  • We also pay for advertising on several real estate platforms to have our listings as featured listings or highlighted listings on their websites. We reach over 3,000 real estate platforms from Zillow to the online Wall Street Journal Real Estate Section.