Sonoma County Real Estate

Are you moving to or in Sonoma County?

Here are a couple great tips to know:


Right now Sonoma County is experiencing a very lucrative market. We are seeing all different types of buyers: first time buyers, vacation home buyers, investors, empty nesters, and expanding family home buyers. Due to this variety of buyers and the factors of low interest rates, low prices, and busy season, we are experiencing a seller’s real estate market.

Be Ready and Get Pre-Approved – If you are using a loan to purchase the home you will need a pre-approval letter to submit with every offer. Most importantly you do not want to over-extend yourself. It is always best to know what your budget allows.

Keep your offer clean – Right now less is more when writing an offer in the sense of contingencies. A seller wants the least amount of stress and when you are competing against 10 other offers, a clean offer with minimal contingencies is more appealing.

All transactions are different and all circumstances vary and that is why we are here. We can help you get the competitive edge with your circumstances and help you purchase a home!


In a seller’s real estate market, a seller is receiving multiple offers, over-asking offers, and short time on the market. Houses are in high demand and if priced right, they will only last on the market for a week! This is not only happening in Sonoma County but all over the nation. I spoke with realtors in Southern California, Maryland, and DC. It a lot of areas all over the United States, this seems to be the trend. Will it stay like this? No one can predict the future, but if you are thinking about selling this could be the perfect time for you!

Staging – If your budget allows, we suggest staging. This can help a potential buyer imagine that this could be their home! Staging definitely helps appeal to more than one buyer.

Vacant – It is best if you are not living there or are not present during showings. Homeowners in a house for sale can make a potential buyer feel uncomfortable and uneasy while viewing the property. We want them to feel comfortable and imagine that this could be their new home. It is difficult when the current homeowner is in the house.

Sonoma County has a lot to offer as a place to live. We have the beautiful wine country in our backyard, the oasis of the Russian River, and the best part of Sonoma County is the people! Prices are still low and the investment right now is a great one. Prices are steadily increasing at the moment. If you have extra cash and are looking, Sonoma County is a great place to invest.

Stay tuned and I will give you a case by case of what is happening in Santa Rosa, Windsor, Healdsburg, and Russian River. This way you can stay informed and get to know more about the Sonoma County’s real estate market!